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Action-Centred Leadership

Dr John Adair was world's first Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Surrey and currently Visiting Professor at the University of Exeter, created a compelling model for leadership profiling called Action-Centred Leadership (ACL) based on his wide life and business experience. He was a trainer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and ACL (or Functional Leadership) underpins current British military training in all three services. Like all classic theories, it has stood the test of time, and can be implemented at a practical level.

How the three elements of Task, Team and Individual Development are balanced by true leaders

What distinguishes Leadership skills from Management skills, and why the difference is so important.

Using Action-Centred Leadership to bring out the best in an organisation.

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingJohn Grinder and Richard Bandler, co-creators of Neuro-Liguistic Programming

NLP has been hailed as the most powerful personal development system, and is used by individual business managers and corporations alike, including BT and IBM. But it still leaves many mystified and questioning its value. Here, we try to present it in a comprehensible way, and describe and illustrate how it can be a very important component of business management and especially managing change.

A brief history overview of NLP, Grinder and Bandler, Dilts et al...

The NLP presuppositions - the core philosophy

The Logical Level model and its practical application in business

How encouraging empathy can give you a winning edge

D.I.S.C. Personality AssessmentWilliam Moulton Marston had four children, two by his wife and another two by his "live-in mistress". His wife adopted those children, and all lived together "harmoniously"

William Moulton Marston (who also invented the Polygraph lie detector and created the comic book character; Wonder Woman) developed this personality profiling system in the early 20's. It is the only such system to have stood the test of time, largely as it creates remarkably accurate profiles of individuals irrespective of any facade they may try to present.

As well as being a valuable (and inexpensive) tool for prospective employers when considering candidates, businesses can successfully apply DISC principles to more successfully deal with prospects and customers.

The basis for categorising by Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance and understanding the implications

Using DISC as a psychometric test as an adjunct to interview techniques

Increasing sales effectiveness by responding according to your customers' DISC profile

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