Brian Milnes has over 20 years of experience in running businesses and implementing information technology systems.
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Let the government help fund your development

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£1,000 Leadership and Management funding available now!
If your company has between 5 and 249 people, and you haven't previously benefitted, you are eligible for a £500 grant and £500 matched funding towards developing your business through the Train to Gain's LMAS scheme. You can choose your provider and direct the content of the help. Brian can help you determine your content and then deliver the funded help.

Where's the catch? 
There isn't one (apart from some form filling)!
There is a £500 grant aimed at the company's owners or senior managers.
There is also £500 that you need to match with the same amount, aimed at any management within your company.
You just need to check your eligibility, fill in an online application, nominate us as your provider with the content of the help required and, following an appraisal and approval process and delivery of the help, you'll receive a refund on proof of payment.

What sort of help is available?
A wide range of help is applicable to the scheme, including:
• online training
• training programmes
• bespoke/tailored training options
• peer learning
• business mentoring/coaching 

Can you give me an example of what you can do for me under this scheme? 
Sure, the following represents a three day Business Improvement Program that could be funded by the scheme, at a cost to your business of just £500.

“Running your Business in a Flat Economy” - Three days to work on your business rather than in it (& for the cost of just one):
Day One: Leadership and Management Appraisal
    •    Where are your strengths and weaknesses?                                         
    •    Are you a leader or a manager?                                        
    •    Does your team know where you’re all heading?                                       
    •    What are your aspirations for the business and for you?                                        
    •    What are the numbers?
Day Two: Lead your management team to build their plan                                          
    •    Given the outcomes; your managers will work out how to deliver them                                         
    •    They’ll articulate the Resources, Activities and Skills required, as well as                                        
    •    The potentially limiting or liberating identity and beliefs behind the plan c.   
Day Three: Keeping the plan on track
    •    Are we keeping to the commitment to change, or was it illusionary?                                         
    •    Are we tracking our results so we know whether and what is working?                                        
    •    What should we revise to make it work even better?

Brian Milnes has some 30 years experience of setting up, growing and running businesses; from setting up a part-time Windsurfing business in his twenties through to establishing a dozen or so limited companies and a couple of PLCs. His biggest contribution to wealth creation was by driving the growth of Dr Solomon's 600% in less than 3½ years, leading to an eventual defensive acquisition by McAfee for ~$600m.

Brian loves making a difference and can help YOU ...

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